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Amplifier-Based IMAs

Working closely with leading edge semiconductor suppliers and technologies, Spectrum Control is leading the power amplifier industry with increased power density and complexity while reducing the overall size of the amplifier. This translates to power amplifier solutions that are reliable, smaller, lighter, and more efficient.

Integrated LNA, Filtering, Switching Functions, Power Conversion, Digital Control, RF & Microwave Filtered Power Amplifiers, In-house Thin Film Fabrication, PIN Diode/FET/GaAs Switches

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High Power Amplifiers - GaN, GaAs MESFET, E-pHEMT, LDMOS, Class A, Class AB, Class C, broadband, hybrid, fully-modifiable power amplifier modules
Spectrum Control state-of-the-art Multi-Channel Amplifiers are used in demanding military frequency calibration systems.