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Wi-Fi 6E Multipath Emulator

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The multipath emulator is designed to create the conditions described by the TGn-B channel model, as detailed in IEEE 802.11-03/940r1. Two clusters are produced, spaced from one another by 20 ns of delay, each cluster produces a series of taps, which decay exponentially. The system includes 4 individual channels with a bypass switch in each one, allowing the user to bypass the multipath simulator, creating the conditions described in the TGn-A channel model. Additionally, the system includes a programmable phase shifter, allowing the user to precisely tune the frequency response.

  • • Produced “true” multipath effects
  • • Best in class insertion loss (13 dB) & roll off between taps (6.5 dB)
  • • Simulates TGn-A/B Channel Models
  • • 4 independent channels with 2 clusters per channel
  • • Integrated programmable phase shifter / delay line