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Application-Specific Subsystems

Spectrum Control offers S and X-band quad transmit receive modules, navigational equipment, filter-based IMAs, and active antenna array Unit (AAAU) solutions for next-generation radar (AESA / E-Scan array), datalink, and satcom applications.

Utilizing design expertise in cavity filter construction, suspended substrate, SAW, and other filter topologies.
Modular Active Antenna Array Unit Solutions, Featuring Line-Replaceable Quad T/R Module 'Common Building Block' Units for Scaleability and Ease of Integration and Repair.
Equipment used for locating, identifying, and providing navigational assistance for a variety of aircraft outside normal radar coverage and range by means of secondary radar.
Spectrum Control offers Quad Transmit Receive Modules: S and X-band QTRM.
Spectrum Control manufactures a low power Nuclear Event Detector (NED) equipped with the latest materials and technology to mitigate the effect of nuclear weapon outputs.