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High Power SAW Filters

High Power SAW Filter

Spectrum Control's High Power SAW Filters handle high-input power in the same package and footprint as typical SAW devices in the market. This new SAW filter technology uses an advanced manufacturing process that enables higher power, tighter bandwidths, and expanded package options.

These filters provide higher power, low insertion loss, wide-center frequency range, and wide operating temperature range in small package sizes. These filters target applications in the military, commercial aerospace, and commercial communications sectors.

Advanced SAW Filter Technology

Spectrum Control's SAW expertise breaks new ground for SAW filters by adding high power (HP) input capabilities up to +35 dBm CW at +125C. Our SAW product offering covers the 20 MHz – 2.6 GHz spectrum and in narrow, wide, and fractional bandwidths. These 20-500 MHz SAWs are capable of taking up to +35 dBm CW input power without degradation of the specifications of the filter, such as center frequency, bandwidth, insertion loss, and ripple.

Our company practices the highest quality control standards in every aspect of production, from initial design through the entire manufacturing process. Our quality assurance department maintains tight control of all processes in our ISO 9001-certified facility including both material and screening standards, strict lot traceability, and continuous monitoring over all parameters critical to product quality and development.

Spectrum Control's automated-test equipment is driven by in-house developed software that electrically tests each SAW filter for critical parameters including center frequency, insertion loss, bandwidth, and rejection.

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