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The industry's trusted source for RF Filter design and manufacturing


Spectrum Control has built its reputation on designing and delivering the most challenging RF filters in the industry. That is why so many RF engineers trust their filter needs to us.

We remain on the leading edge of microwave filter technology through innovative and out-of-the-box engineering, employing modern assembly and testing equipment, and by utilizing the most advanced microwave design software available on the market today. Whatever your filter need is, Spectrum Control continues to be your top and most trusted source. Download the Filter Spectrum Management Whitepaper


Ready to begin?

We primarily focus on large programs and therefore our RF filter solutions are custom designed to meet your requirements.  You can send your requirements to a member of our sales team, or you can use our Specify a Filter tool to submit your requirements.  Our engineering team will work with you to provide the right filter topology supported by simulation data. The products listed below represent the wide variety of filter topologies we can employ.


Frequencies from 20 MHz to 2600 MHz with exceptional low loss performance of less than 2 dB and fractional bandwidths from 0.04 to 60%.
Handle high-input power using advanced processes that enabling higher power, tighter bandwidths, and expanded packages.
The 312 Series is built for rugged environments and qualified to numerous MIL standards. These modules can be configured for different GPS bands, gain levels, number of outputs, connector types and more.
Available topologies: Tubular, Lumped Element, Suspended Substrate
Available topologies: Tubular, Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate, SAW
Available toplogies: Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate
Available toplogies: Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate
Available topologies: Lumped Element & Suspended Substrate
Qualified filter components and assemblies for use in space applications.
SAW filters operate by converting electrical energy into acoustic or mechanical energy on a piezoelectric material.
State-of-the-art filter designs for basestations, wireless service providers, and other OEM’s applications.