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Fixed Attenuators

Spectrum Control offers a wide selection of Inmet and Weinschel fixed attenuators with frequency ranges to 50 GHz (DC) with power handling up to 1000 watts. Fixed attenuators can be used for radar/EW, tacticle communications, avionics, as well as Wi-Fi 6 wireless device testing. They are constructed of stainless steel, have excellent stability and VSWR. They are available in standard as well as custom dB values.

Fixed attenuators are highly customizable and are a high performance and cost-effective solution.

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SMA fixed attenuators are a high-performing and durable passive coaxial solution to essential RF applications.
3.5mm fixed attenuators reduce signal power without distorting the waveform while providing exceptional performance and reliability.
2.92mm (SMK) fixed attenuators are dependable and designed to meet the environmental requirements of MIL-A-3933.
2.4mm fixed attenuators are compatible with a variety of input devices and built to withstand demanding environments.
1.85mm fixed attenuators reduce the power levels of a signal by a predetermined amount and are trustworthy for signal power reduction.
BNC fixed attenuators are dependable, efficient, excel in various RF fields, and mate with MIL-STD-348 standard connectors.
TNC fixed attenuators are manufactured from premium materials and are built to withstand demanding conditions and environments.
Type N fixed attenuators deliver precise signal reduction with minimal distortion and flexibility for a wide variety of RF applications.
GPO and SMP fixed attenuators are for precise and reliable signal power reduction without compromising waveform integrity.
SMPM fixed attenuators are designed with precision engineering to provide reliable and consistent attenuation performance.
7/16-DIN fixed attenuators are durable products are designed to provide accurate attenuation values with optimal performance.
High-quality 4.3/10 MD fixed attenuators offer seamless compatibility with a wide range of input devices in a variety of systems.
High-reliability fixed attenuators meet or exceed requirements imposed by both government and commercial manufacturers.
Low PIM fixed attenuators are a high-performance signal power reduction tool designed to minimize passive intermodulation.
Specialty fixed attenuators are crafted to address specific needs, providing tailored performance for a variety of RF applications.
Several standard fixed attenuator sets as well as custom-designed sets to fit your specific application.