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Between Series DC Blocks

Inmet inner DC blocks have a capacitor in-series with the center conductor which prevents the flow of audio and direct current (DC) frequencies while offering minimum interference to RF signals up to 50GHz.

Similarly, outer DC blocks have a capacitor in-series with the outer conductor and the inner/outer types have capac- itors in-series with both inner and outer conductors.

Insulation material on the outer DC blocks is a PEEK shell.

  • Ground loop elimination
  • Signal source modulation leakage suppression
  • System signal-to-noise ratio improvement
  • Test setup isolation
  • Other situations where undesired DC or audio current flows in the system
BNC/SMA Between Series

Volt Type Body Style
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8313 0.01-4 GHz 100 I
Type N/ SMA Between Series
8301 0.01-18 GHz 200 I
8302 0.01-18 GHz 200 I
8303 0.01-18 GHz 200 I
8304 0.01-18 GHz 200 I
2.4mm/2.9mm Between Series
8306 0.01-40 GHz 200 I
8309 0.01-40 GHz 200 I
8180 0.01-40 GHz 200 I