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Low Phase Noise Amplifiers

Better phase noise is a performance requirement often sought in today’s most advanced systems. We achieve guaranteed ultra low phase noise performance in our line of Series PM Amplifiers using a combination of design techniques, material selection, and in-house testing. In addition, we provide both typical and guaranteed phase noise data. 

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Guaranteed Phase Noise Performance
  • Spectrum Control offers customer assurance through guaranteed phase noise performance.
Improved Spurious Signal Suppression
  • Lower phase noise means improved spurious signal suppression, making our amplifiers ideal for even the most challenging systems and requirements.
Better Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Our amplifiers feature better phase noise performance which means a better signal to noise ratio.
  • Both typical and guaranteed phase noise data are available.
Superior Engineering
  • By incorporating expert design techniques, careful material selection, and in-house testing in the development process, Spectrum Control can guarantee ultra low phase noise performance in its line of Series PM Amplifiers.
  • An “enhanced” Agilent ES5500 system coupled with a modified IFR low noise synthesizer assists in making this possible.