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With a heritage of working on the industry’s most demanding systems, Spectrum Control combines engineering expertise, innovation and manufacturing excellence to design, develop and deliver mission-critical RF, microwave, microelectronic and optical solutions. Bringing an expansive breadth and depth of engineering experience, as well as our collaborative spirit, to every relationship, Spectrum Control partners with our customers to deliver the highest quality outcome for any project.

Standard, configurable or fully customizable, Spectrum Control’s reliable RF and microwave solutions are always aligned with the performance requirements of your mission-critical systems. 

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Our standard and custom designed high reliability products are designed to address the most challenging current and emerging military and commercial requirements.
APITech's Attenuator products are offered in both Digital and Voltage Variable configurations.
Designing and delivering the most challenging RF & Microwave filters in the industry.
An extensive design library of low phase noise sources, optimizing your overall design for superior performance and value.
Coaxial attenuators, terminations, gain equalizers, bias tees, DC blocks, connectors, high-rel attenuators, and more. Custom designs available.
High-speed electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversion solutions and optical/optoelectronic transmit and receive solutions.
Precision voltage references that use thin film hybrid technology to achieve extremely accurate, low temperature coefficient, 10 volt reference sources.
Converters and A/D Converters that deliver exceptional performance and high reliability.
Inmet and Weinschel brand Wilkinson & broadband resistive power dividers up to 40.0 GHz for dual channeled insertion loss measurements, calibration measurements, etc.